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Camping in Himalayas

To be there in the middle of the glorious and mystic Himalayan ranges and feel the air and ambiance in a proper way, camping is perhaps the best way. Camping allows the tourist to enjoy the wonders of nature given to Himalayan regions, as well as, experience and share the warmth of its local people. Himalayan camping can be Wildlife camping or normal camping. Wild life camping is not very different from normal camping, except the wildlife camping doesn't get restricted to any season or any adventure activity. Himalayas offer a wide range of destinations one can choose from to camp. Quest tours offers several camps pitched in various parts of the state of Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal, offering accommodation, catering and a variety of activities like hikes, fishing, nature-tours and rafting. The camps give the tourists an enthralling brush with nature and a feel of its magnificence and vivacity.

Camping in Himalayas, Himalayas Trekking, Nanda Devi Trekking

Snow Camping
Snow Camping in Himalayas, Himalayas trekking
Snow Camping offers tourists an exciting and unique experience of being in the snow, surrounded with it, indulging in various adventurous activities related with snow and feasible under the snowy conditions, and most importantly appreciate the marvel and grandeur of white, exhibited by the wide expanse of snowbound hilltops, plains and roadways. In sharp contrast to the common belief, when the snow takes over life in the hilly destination, the harsh weather conditions are not as worse. In fact, camping takes up a whole new meaning and dimension under the severe cold conditions with landscapes transforming from lush green meadows to miles of snow carpets. When the places become inhabited and isolated because of weather conditions, wildlife feels less pressured and as a result moves around more freely. Moreover, tourists get to enjoy a hearty time skiing, making snowman and throwing snowballs at each other.
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Camping in Himalayas > Snow Camping > Camping Vacation in Himalaya > Himalayan Camping Vacation
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