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Gangotri Tapovan Trek

Celebrated in Hindu mythology and religion, the Garhwal Himalayas are said to be the "Abode of the Gods". The river Ganges takes its source in this remote massif, at the sacred shrine of Gangotri, and rushes down to the plains in a torrential fury. Very few trekkers follow this itinerary which will lead to one of the most important spots of Hindu spirituality, where you will experience a strange atmosphere of religious fervour. Gaumukh is where the waters of Ganga trickle down from the glaciers. The sages called it 'Gaumukh', because in the distant past, it probably appeared like a cow's mouth; though today it no longer appears so. From Gangotri we move along the beaten track towards Chirbasa,

Trekking in Garhwal,Gangotri Tapovan Trek

which is on the tree line. From here, we can get a clear view of the Bhagirathi Peak. After Chirbasa, the terrain becomes really desolate and barren.and then we reach Bhojwasa. Gaumukh Glacier is just four kilometers ahead. To reach Nandanvan, we need to take a detour from Bhojwasa. The first glimpse of Shivlinga Peak from here, is like an ice-cream cone rising towards the sky. Nandanvan is another's day-trek ahead. From Gaumukh to Tapovan the ascent is steep, and as we climb, the view of the surrounding peaks becomes clearer. They appear to be just a stone's throw away. Nandanvan situated at the base of the Bhagirathi group of peaks, can be reached after crossing the Gangotri Glacier. It is an alpine meadow in the shadow of the Bhagirathi peaks.

Day By Day Itinerary

Dodi Tal Trekking

Trekking in Garhwal,Dodi Tal Trekking,rekking Himalays,Trekking in Kumaon,Trekking in kumaon,Trekking in Garhwal,Garhwal Standard Trekking Plan

Dodi Tal lake in Garhwal Himalayas - mysterious, alluring, and simply beautiful ! It is at an elevation of 3024 meters above mean sea level, north of Uttarakashi. Crystal clear waters are surrounded by dense Oak Woods, Pine, Deodar and Rhododendrons. The lake is full of fishes and is known for some of the rare species like the Himalayan Golden Trout.

The trek from Dodital to Yamnotri takes you through high altitude grasslands and dense virgin forests. The scenery en-route is really astounding ! The trek for Dodi Tal commences from Uttarkashi or Kalyani, which can be approached by motor. Kalyani to Agoda is a gradual climb through woods, fields and villages along• a mule track. The trek from Agoda to Dodi Tal is steep and through thick forests.

Garhwal Standard Trekking Plan

A ten days trip which involves drive to Gangotri , the ancient source of the holy river Ganga and trek to the finest high altitude Himalayan lake, Kedar tal (4912 mts) punctuated with breath stopping close view of Greater Himalayan peaks e.g. Thaleysagar (6904 mts), Brigupanth (6772 mts) and Jogin Group of peaks. The emerald lake with melting snow of Kedar glacier originates kedarganga, a tributary of Bhagirathi, considered as lord Shiva,’s contribution to Bhagirathi. One can encounter a good variety of high altitude fauna e.g. Bharal (blue sheep), Goral, Himalayan black bear with a great variety of birds. The trek is bit strenuous, but the rewards are very high.

Trekking in Garhwal,Garhwal Standard Trekking Plan


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