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Travel Tips

Official Documents
Foreign visitors to India must possess valid passports and visas. Be sure your ‘tourist visa’ covers the duration of your visit. Special permits are not required for trekking in the Indian Himalayas, with the exception of certain restricted areas. Should you chose one of our treks or safaris in these areas, we will send you the necessary application forms and obtain these permits for you. Permission takes at least 4 weeks, so please return the forms, photocopies of the relevant pages of your passport and photographs well in advance. It is mandatory to carry your passport with you at all times while in India.

Trekking Tips India

For mountaineering trips or expeditions, special permission must be applied for a minimum of 06 months in advance, through the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Although customs officials rarely check tourist baggage, it is best to declare any special equipment such as expensive cameras, tape-recorders, computers, etc. because this can save many problems on departure.

When planning your trip, it is advisable to have a medical check up explaining to your physician the altitude you hope to reach. Although not essential, you may prefer protection against cholera, typhoid, tetanus, polio and hepatitis. You may also wish to bring malaria suppressant tablets. Finally, it is most important to be as physically fit as possible and some form of fairly strenuous exercise should be engaged in daily for at least a month before leaving.

A list of the essential equipment you will require for an average India Insight Tours trek is given below. If you plan to do any climbing, you will have to supplement this equipment. Please sort out and divide your trekking equipment into three categories:
1.To wear on the trail
2.To carry in the day pack
3.To pack in the duffel bag

You will not have access to your duffel bag once you leave camp in the morning, as it will be carried by pack ponies or porters. Therefore, you must anticipate all your daytime needs and carry these items in your day pack. Your day pack should be large enough to accommodate your water bottle. personal first aid kit, sun cream, sweater or down jacket, rain parka and lunch box. Your duffel bag should not weigh more than 30 lb. (20 kg). If you have heavy equipment such as special cameras or scientific equipment, additional ponies or porters will have to be hired and you will be charged for this extra service.

Check the equipment list before leaving home. Please bring all your equipment with you as it is not uncommon for unaccompanied gear to get lost enroute.

Trekking Equipments List

Trekking boots - well broken in and waterproofed
Running or tennis shoes
Down jacket or equivalent with hood
One heavy wool shirt or sweater
Two cotton shirts
One pair cotton trousers or shorts
One pair woollen trousers
One pair shorts or calf-length skirt/culottes for women (skirts are more comfortable and culturally more acceptable)
Three pairs of regular underwear
Long underwear - thermal or wool
Wind- and rain-gear with hood
Sun hat with brim
Woollen hat or balaclava
Woollen mittens or gloves
Woollen socks to wear with boots
Cotton socks
Personal first-aid kit including medication for common ailments such as headaches, dysentery etc., moleskin, antiseptic cream, surgical tape, band aids, sun cream (15% block out advised for Spiti and Ladakh), lip salve and medicines
Toilet kit - including extra toilet paper, towel and soap
Flashlight with extra batteries
Sunglasses or snow goggles (an extra pair is recommended)
Water bottle, preferably wide mouthed, with at least one liter capacity
Pocket knife
Note book with pens and pencils
Plastic bags - small size for books, film etc., larger bags for clothes, sleeping bags and duffel bag liners light
Weight day pack
Duffel bag - preferably waterproof

Optional Accessories
Camera and film - bring plenty, as film is expensive and not easily available
Umbrella - available locally
Repair kit with needle, thread, tape, glue, scissors, etc.
Extra water bottle - recommended for Ladakh wind pants, gaiters and down booties - for high altitude treks small supply of personal energy snacks reading material, playing cars, lightweight chess board, Scrabble, etc.
Give-aways such as pens, pencils, books, etc.

Permit For Filming
No permission is required for ordinary photography or video cameras. However, for movie filming in 16 mm/35 mm, a special permit is necessary. The procedures are fairly complex, so please apply at least a year in advance. The application should be made at the Indian Embassy or Mission in your country of residence. The Indian government requires complete details of the synopsis of the film, location, exact period of shooting schedules, bio-data and passport details of the crew members and a complete list of equipment to be imported.

Please insure yourself against sickness, accident, helicopter evacuation, hospitalization and the like, as you would normally do before embarking on a wilderness vacation.
We do not insure our clients ourselves and we accept no responsibility for damages or expenses which may arise from mishaps to persons on India Insight Tours trips. Reservations are accepted only on this understanding.

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