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Trekking Himalayas ›› Trekking in Garhwal  
Trekking in Garhwal
The Garhwal Himalayas offer the most challenging treks for the climbers as the ranges rest regally in the center of the Indian Himalaya. Marking the tranquil and spiritual element of these snow-capped mountains in the Hindu scriptures, numerous popular Hindu shrines are located in Garhwal. Trekking in the area dates back to as early as 800 when the Indian guru Adi Shankracharya crossed Mana Pass from Badrinath to Guge district in Tibet. Garhwal serves as a convenient base to decide on a whole host of trekking excursion options on offer.

Har Ki Dun Trek offers an indelible adventurous trekking expedition for explorers....

Har Ki Dun Trek

Valley Of Flowers Trek

The snow on the Himalayas add majesty to the mountains and the innumerable flowers add to its beauty. This famous spot is not...

Day by Day Itinerary  

An enthralling trekking expedition with its daunting and thrilling challenges for even a seasoned trekker or climber....

Kalindikhal Trek

Roopkund Trek

Popular for its mysterious shallow lake about 2 meters wide surrounded by rocks-strewn glaciers and snow-clad peaks...


Celebrated in Hindu mythology and religion, the Garhwal Himalayas are said to be the "Abode of the Gods". The river Ganges takes its source in this remote massif...

Day by Day Itinerary
Gangotri Tapovan Trek

Dodi Tal Trekking

Dodi Tal lake in Garhwal Himalayas - mysterious, alluring, and simply beautiful ! It is at an elevation of 3024 meters above mean sea level, north of...

Day by Day Itinerary  


Takeover Point
Maximum Elivation:
10- 12 Days
May to October

Trekking Route:
Gangtok, Darjeeling , Rimbik, Raman, Gorkhey

Day by Day Itinerary 
Trekking in Garhwal, India
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Garhwal Trekking > Garhwal Trekking Tours > Trekking in Garhwal, India > Trekking Routes in Garhwal, Himalayas, India
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